A playlist as we “look for the helpers”

I haven’t known what to say about Boston. I have a very difficult time thinking about it or looking at images of it or reading the news about it. I keep thinking about September 11th and what we went through then. I keep thinking about my kids and my husband and how I would feel if it were them. I keep feeling my stomach falling. It seems that anything I would say would be too trivial, and I find myself distancing my thoughts and emotions from it so that I can keep going through my day. And I don’t want to appropriate this tragedy – as though it’s really truly mine the way it is for the Richard family or for the other families directly affected. I don’t want to insert myself that way. But it’s still overwhelming. I think Fred Rogers’ mom’s admonishment to “look for the helpers” is wonderful. I’m looking forward to checking out TED’s playlist of helpers. I hope this helps you, too.

TED Blog

In the day since the Boston Marathon was interrupted by two bomb blasts – which killed three and injured more than 170 – a meme has emerged online: “Look for the helpers.” The quote comes from Fred Rogers, who shared in his tome The Mister Rogers Parenting Book, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers.’ You will always find people who are helping.”

In the images of the terrible scene in Boston yesterday, the helpers are obvious – bystanders attending to the injured, paramedics rushing to the scene, police and marathon volunteers helping the crowd. Even Google swung into action, creating a person finder app for those with loved ones at the marathon finish line.

We love the idea of looking for the helpers. To keep you inspired on a hard day…

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  1. lmacmillan

    Agreed, Jenny. I liked what Patton Oswalt said. The people who run to help will always outnumber the ones who create the tragedy. That is, at least, something.

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