More from my Baby – So Proud

These were all reported to me by RHR. We were at the playground together, but I was on baby duty at the swings with Big E’s best friend’s baby brother and their mom while the big kids and dads ran around.

Proud Moment #1:

A kid (around 4 years old or so) got into it with Big E’s playmate. Apparently, this boy was very much in the wrong. As no other adult was near, Big E’s friend’s dad stepped in, broke it up, and reprimanded the child. The boy was crushed. Big E saw him sitting alone, looking forlorn.  He walked up to him, put his hand on his shoulder and said, “You look sad.” The boy didn’t look up but nodded. Big E said, “That’s ok. Sometimes grown-ups get angry, but everything will be alright.” The little boy looked up mutely at my son and took in the comfort offered.

Proud Moment #2:

Big E faced a huge playground apparatus that was scaring kids his age and younger. Undaunted, he stared at it for a moment, and then climbed it.  Up and over. Big and scary and difficult to negotiate, it was conquered by my courageous boy.

Proud Moment #3: 

The little boy Big E had comforted earlier found him and said, “Hey, can we play together?” Even though Big E was already playing with his best friend, he said, “Ok. We can play together for a little while.”

Empathetic, brave, and inclusive.  So proud to be his Mommy.


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