Gems from the Weekend

When You are Lazy, Someone Else Will Take Your Job

Big E (while looking at video from Easter): Mommy, I want some more of those eggs with the chocolates in them.

Me: Ok, honey. I’ll let the Easter Bunny know you liked them, and maybe he’ll bring more next Easter.

Big E: Or maybe he can bring them tomorrow.

Me: Well, no… We get Easter eggs on Easter.

Big E: Why?

Me: Because that’s when the Easter Bunny brings them. He only brings Easter eggs on Easter.

Big E: [long, thoughtful pause] I’m going to talk to the Easter Dragon. He can go to the store for me and get Easter eggs with chocolates until the Easter Bunny feels like going back to work.

We Take Turns in this House

Big E: I have an Idea! How about we all four go sleep in the big bed in your room?

RHR: That’s nice. So after dinner, we can all go lie down in Mommy’s and Daddy’s bed and go to sleep?

Big E: Welllll, not you, Daddy. You have to do the dishes first.

RHR: Ah. I see. So after I get the dishes done, I can go lay down with you all?

Big E: Welllll, Mommy can. And you can sleep in my bed.

RHR: I can’t sleep in my own bed?

Big E: No. We take turns. It’s my turn. Your turn is over.

RHR: So, basically you are saying that you want to go night-night with Mommy and you don’t care where I end up sleeping?

Big E: Yes, Daddy. That’s right.


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