I’d like to thank…

I’m a big believer, especially lately, of doing your art because you are doing what you passionately believe in, not to win acclaim or approval.  I believe wholeheartedly that if you are worried about anything other than doing your thing to the hilt, it will never actually get to the hilt.

HOWEVER, this is really exciting me. Maybe because I grew up watching the Academy Awards, every single year. Maybe because it was after an Academy Awards party that my husband asked me out for the first time.  And, look, we all know that half the time awards shows are rigged in some way or another. But still. Still, they are inspiring. And some of the nominees are really freaking fantastic, and their work should be held up as a standard of excellence. And these artists do inspire other artists to reach their own new heights. Not because they are angling for awards or practicing their acceptance speeches, but because when you see something really, really great, it makes you want to do something really, really great, too.

So, WOOHOO! An awards show for opera!  AWESOME! And congrats to Joyce DiDonato for her nomination!  I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!

I can’t wait to see/hear/read about it all!

Opera Aims for an Oscar Night of Its Own – NYTimes.com.


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