Pack a “Go Bag”

I love this. We’ve been to the hospital three times with Little N, two of which times we ended up being admitted to the hospital after spending all night in the ER, with Big E with us. A Go Bag would have made the visits so much easier. And trust me, you don’t want to be trying to think of what to take when the ambulance is on its way.

Child Life Mommy

If you have kids or you take care of kids, than you already know that at some point in their lives you will more than likely end up in the emergency department. It is bound to happen. Kids are more prone to injury and accidents and they can become very sick when your pediatrician’s office is closed.

So what can we do as parents and caregivers to be ready for this?

Pack a Go Bag.


The bag should have stuff that would help make the experience at the emergency department a little less stressful.

This is a bag that can be left in your car or in a closet at home.

Items for the Go Bag:

  • Extra Clothes for Baby/Child- Sweats, pajamas, socks, underwear, diapers (anything that will be comfy).
  • Extra Clothes for Parents- T-Shirt or Sweats (Having a shirt full of blood or vomit isn’t too comfortable).
  • Blanket, stuffed…

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