It’s about a woman’s choice.

There is a scary thing that has been happening in our country (and in some other countries, too) to women for a while.  That scary thing is interference in childbirth. I do not mean help. I love help. I’m all for help, including surgery. I mean interference. Sometimes with deadly consequences for mother and baby.

As a woman who was coerced into an unnecessary surgery without real informed consent, under duress, who suffered complications that lasted for months after my baby was born, I feel that I have to speak out against this whenever I can. And frankly, I don’t get why women’s groups, pro-choice women’s groups, don’t seem to care very much whether women are compelled by court order to undergo surgery for the convenience of a doctor or a hospital.

It’s sickening.

Threats to Rights of Pregnant Women

This shouldn’t happen anywhere.  It definitely shouldn’t happen in American, the land of the free, the home of the brave. Let’s stop it.

(You see, I told you I was going to talk about whatever matters to me!)



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2 responses to “It’s about a woman’s choice.

  1. JennyMillsap

    I should add that this matters to all of us because how and under what conditions women give birth affects not just the woman herself and her children, but her family, her community, and society at large. And what we say about women and childbirth is what we say about ourselves.

  2. Issues and rights around childbirth have been largely ignored in the bigger women’s rights cause. Maybe that’s why it’s the last frontier 🙂

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